Get Yer Red Hots!

Fireballs in a jar on my desk at work... 105mm macro f/5.6

Remember fireballs? I remember having contests at school to see who could hold a fireball in their mouths the longest without taking it out or holding it between their teeth, gasping for cool air. I never won.

I mentioned a few days ago at work how much I enjoyed fireballs, and the next day, my boss brought me a jar full. How thoughtful was that?! And how fun to have something at my desk that reminds me of the good days at school. Surprisingly, no one at work wants to have a contest with me. Pity, they’d probably win.

For more about the original fireballs, check out this site.

3 thoughts on “Get Yer Red Hots!

  1. Don’t like fireballs. I do like those puffy peppermints though.
    Remind me to tell you a toostie roll story.
    Nice approach to a blog :-)

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