Why Not a Miata?

Waiting to go for a ride | 50mm, f/5.6, 1/180sec, ISO 200

Sandee loaned her car to a friend, and he left his… a sweet little Miata… with her. We went out to eat and then took a quick spin with the top down. I can’t drive a stick, but as Sandee says, she “can drive anything from a nail to an 18-wheeler.”

It’s only my second time ever to ride in convertible. The first time was when I went on vacation to the Grand Canyon. The ride from Phoenix to the Canyon was mostly made with the top up because of the weather, but the ride from Flagstaff to Sedona was amazing!! Cruising the winding roads between the towering red rocks was something I’ll never forget. The only bad part is that I was driving, and I really wanted to be looking at the scenery above, not the road in front!

5 thoughts on “Why Not a Miata?

  1. Miatas are SWEET!
    You needed big brothers like mine. We had automatics in the driveway but they insisted I learned how to drive on a straight shift. Something about drunken college parties and girls getting stuck because they couldn’t drive the cars available. I’m SURE there’s a good story behind that theory. ;)

  2. My ex-partner used to have one in Birmingham…loads of fun. Lots of good memories with it…we had it in the RAGE days…I remember driving around listening to Janet Jackson’s Escapade, lots of fresh air and sun, Lynn speeding up the road with Wolfie hanging out over the top of the windshield…he looked so cute enjoying the wild ride! Have fun with the car if you still have it.

  3. “What’s up with that? ”
    Bad breath?

    Ru has gotten used to sleeping in front of a fan.
    She just couldn’t get settled at Regina’s this weekend. I put a little fan in front of her…viola! Settled.

    So, maybe the answer IS bad breath…

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