You Can't Look Through Bamboo! Who Knew? | 70mm, f/9.5, 1/60 sec, ISO 2500

This is the “open end” of bamboo that Sandee and her dad cut a couple of weeks ago. She’s planning to make some really neat candleholders out of them.

For some reason, I thought bamboo was hollow all the way through. I knew it had the joints that reinforced it to give it strength, but I thought there was a hole running all the way through the middle. Nope. At every joint, there is a horizontal piece that grows across the entire opening. How cool is that?!

Sandee and her dad almost had heat strokes cutting this stuff. Apparently, it’s very difficult to cut and to dig up, especially in 103 degree weather!  The smallest piece pictured here is about 1-1/2 inches across. That ought to tell you how big these suckers are and how difficult they are to cut. Unfortunately, their chainsaw would not crank, so they had to use an ax to cut it. Ouch!

And to top it off, as Sandee was walking out of the bamboo jungle and carrying the ax, a shovel, and an armload of bamboo, she tripped on wisteria and almost impaled her head on one of the trunks. It had been cut off an angle and was sticking up out of the ground! Fortunately, she fell a few inches off to the side of it, but messed her arm up pretty badly on the ax handle.

The candle holders better be worth all this effort!! :)

View from the top

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