Taken for Granite

Today, I went to Stone Mountain Park…. first time in several years. Our company is having a meeting there in November, and I wanted to take several photos for the marketing materials we’ll be sending out.  Only one of these three I’m showing here will be used, but I wanted to include two others… just because I liked them. (Click photos to enlarge for details.)

View from the Golf Course | 25mm, f/8.0, 1/350sec, ISO 200

First, here’s the prettiest shot of the day. It was taken from the golf course area looking over the lake on the west side of the mountain. It amazes me how this granite rock just suddenly rises up from the mostly level ground around it.

Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson

Second, here’s what Stone Mountain is mostly known for, the carving of the Confederate leaders into the mountainside. This came out pretty clearly considering how far away from it I was standing when I took it.

Steps that Made Me Smile | 16mm, f/8.0, 1/60 sec, ISO 800

And finally, I was walking along the sidewalk at the conference center, and noticed these pretty little colorful petals all over the steps. It was just too merry not to stop and take a photo! :)

Even though it was very hot while I was there, the park looked like a great place to walk, hike, bike, explore, and relax. I plan to buy a year-long pass and start taking advantage of such a great place that’s relatively near to me. If you’re in Atlanta, don’t forget to check it out!

4 thoughts on “Taken for Granite

  1. Well, I went back and read some stuff…maybe it’s the largest single exposed batholith in the world (vs a collection of them). Anyway, that’s what my geology professor told us.

    I don’t know about now, but years ago if you went to Memorial Hall and asked for the recording to be played in another language (German, Spanish, Italian, etc) you would hear my brother-in-law’s voice. He did the translations and recordings for all but Japanese and Chinese. My sister used to wear the big antebellum skirt at the plantation as a guide and I was an information hostess at Memorial and Confederate Halls. I was the only one on duty the first year they rented the laser show for the 4th of July. No one expected us to be so swamped. I was just locked in Memorial Hall by myself with no resources to deal with lost kids, etc. I got out of the parking lot at the inn at 2am. I was closing because I ran the Peachtree that morning. Kids who skipped school to hang out called it Stoned Mountain. I think that’s about all the SMP trivia I know ;)

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