Grub… It’s What’s for Dinner

Aaaaaahhhh.... | 270mm, f/5.6, 1/90 sec, ISO 200

I looked out the kitchen window and saw this daddy bird and his fledgling hopping along in the grass. I thought at first the fledgling was just another bird, but then noticed how it was never more than a couple of hops away from the daddy bird. And then, I saw him feed it! I’ve seen birds feed little ones in their nests plenty of times, but I don’t recall ever seeing it on the ground.

I ran to get my camera, and of course, it had the wrong lens, so I had to get the zoom since these tiny things were about thirty feet away from me. I was afraid they’d go away when I opened the kitchen window and screen, but they just kept right on, not minding me at all. It’s not nearly as sharp as I would like, but telephoto zooms are notoriously hard to get sharpness without a tripod. Not only did I not have a tripod, but I was leaning awkwardly over my sink! Not the best position for stability.

My yard guy was just on the other side of the deck coming around with the weed eater and getting close to their location. I put down the camera and ran out to tell him to be careful of them. I knew the daddy could fly away, but wasn’t sure about the fledgling. When I went to to show him where they were, they were both gone. At least I got a couple of good shots. :)

(Update: It’s an Eastern Towhee, a member of the sparrow family.)

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