My Heritage

My Heritage

Some of you might know that earlier this year, I spent quite a bit of time researching my ancestry. For Mother’s Day, I traced my mom’s matrilineal line back as far as I could. With the help of Mrs. House (Sandee’s mom), I found a very important missing link and was able to go back as far as 1702.

I found out that my mother (and I) are direct descendants through the matrilineal line from Sehoy I, Princess of the Wind Clan of the Creek Indians. She is mentioned several times in many Alabama history books, but more well known are her son-in-law (my great-grandfather x 8 ) Lachlan McGillivray and two of her grandsons, Alexander McGillivray and William Weatherford (aka Red Eagle), my great-uncles x 7.

One of the interesting things in this search was to find out that the entire line of women on my mother’s side back to Sehoy were all born in Elmore County, and most of them lived and died there as well. As Mama said, “Well that explains why I don’t like to travel!” :)

While all of this has been fascinating to find out, what was even more amazing was that the first time I googled “Sehoy,” a drawing of her came up. Immediately, I thought of this portrait of my mother taken when she was about 20 years old, amazed at the resemblance to her distant ancestor, especially around the lips and eyes.

Good stuff.

(This is the first post using an image where I did not take the photo, but I haven’t had a chance to get out and shoot today. Too busy with work!)

3 thoughts on “My Heritage

  1. Well, then, we’re cousins…I was contacted this week by some Creek genealogists who found me on 23andMe, and have just learned I’m also a direct descendent of Sehoy I-III. :) My line of descent goes from Sehoy III through her daughter Elizabeth Weatherford, then her daughter Levitia Moniac, then Fredricka Sizemore, Ida Elleanor McDonald, to my grandmother Felvia Adair. My dad is the first break (for my branch of the family) in the matrilineal line, which means I can’t claim the Wind Clan (*sigh*). Oh, well…anyway, hi cuz! :)

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