Not Quite a Hummingbird

I Think I'm Heron Things | 86mm, f/11, 1/180 sec, ISO 200

From the tiniest of birds to one of the largest, I’ve been fortunate to catch some of them in flight lately. This white heron was near the lake’s edge so I went in to get my camera to photograph him in the grassy area. Right as I came out of the cabin, he took off and started flying low across the lake.

I ran across the deck to the edge and just pointed and shot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as zoomed in as I could have been, so I didn’t get much detail because of the distance. However, the stark white against the blue of the water (and the reflection) still made for a nice shot.

The next morning, we all saw a large, bald eagle fly by. I didn’t have my camera with me, and didn’t have time to grab it. I did, however, have time to yell “War Eagle!” as it went by. (And yes, I know the Auburn eagle is not a bald eagle, but hey, I yell it whenever I can. :))

Below is the same (I presume) heron on the other side of the lake, taking off from a small dock. This picture gives a better idea of his/her size.

Geronimo!! | 300mm, f/5.6, 1/2000 sec, ISO 800

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