In the Cleft of the Rock

Rock, Rock, Rock Steady | 60mm, f/22, 1/30 sec, ISO 450

Isn’t there a hymn by that name? I can’t seem to remember it if there is.

Anyway, I took this photo several years ago at Smith Lake. The water had dropped further than normal, and it revealed large, grayish/bluish (limestone?) rocks, exposed at the edge of the lake. They were covered with hardened lichen that made them very crusty and rough. I went down below the outcropping of rocks and walked cautiously along the water’s edge, looking for something to shoot. I found this one orange/red rock wedged into the diagonal clefts of the larger rocks.

It’s one of my favorite pictures from a composition standpoint. But I wish I’d known more about photography back then, and I wouldn’t have shot it at such a slow shutter speed. Because I did, it’s a tad blurry when the details are enlarged. Anyway, I like it, and since I didn’t take any photos today, I’m going retro. :)

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