People All Over the World, Join Hands…

I Ain't as Old as I Look | 30mm, f/16, 1/90 sec, ISO 200

… Ride the Love Train, Love Train. I really like that song. Anyone else remember it?

Anyway, I haven’t been taking photos lately. I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything that merits interest. The only thing I saw today was a dust devil that picked up some sheets of paper that had been strewn along the highway. It took them up the whirlwind, I’d guess, about 40 feet high. Pretty cool. Of course, I was driving, so I couldn’t have taken a good shot anyway.

This photo is from June of this year when I went to the Southeastern Railway Museum here in Duluth. It was really interesting, but it was oh-so-hot that day… not unlike today… extremely hot… in the MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER!!!

I thought I’d run some fun “vintage” filters on this and see if I could get it to look like an old photo. Sure enough, I think it does. Pretty cool, huh? Actual photo below:

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