Piddler on the Roof

Yikes! | 105mm, f/11, 1/60 sec, ISO 280

My neighbor a few houses down scares me. Not in a stalking/bothering me way, but in the Oh-my-goodness!-I’m-about-to-see-someone-fall-to-their-death way. Since I didn’t want to make this image so extremely vertical, I cropped it, so what you can’t tell is that he’s about three stories off the ground (this is a two-story house on a slope) with no safety device of any sort.

And you can tell from the slope of his body, that one false slip of his right arm, his weight will carry him right off the edge. He had been learning even further out before I got my camera. As I was taking this photo, his young son, maybe 10 years old, climbed to the top of the ladder that was leaning on the garage. Oy vey.

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