Old McDaniel Has a Farm

I’ve been to McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth several times, but I went today to give my new lens a test run. I went after work, and the sun was a little further down than I expected at that time. I guess the days getting shorter kind of snuck up on me!

Anyway, the first photo that follows is a closeup of a dove that was in a tree at the edge of the parking lot at work. I was about 50 feet from the tree, and the bird was about 30-40 feet up. I cropped the first one to show the detail I caught, and then the second shot is the actual photo. The detail I can pull with this lens is awesome!

The rest of the photo are random shots from McDaniel Farm. Enjoy!

Close crop of dove in tree showing detail

Uncropped photo of dove in tree

Chair on porch in Golden Sunset

Early Port-o-Potty (Well, actually, it would be a Perm-o-Potty)

Industrious Squirrel with a Three-Pack of Pecans

And finally…

From a Troll's View

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