Outstanding in Its Field


Who Left the Window Open? | 55mm, f/6.7, 1/250 sec, ISO 200


I climbed a fence and made my way through some snakey-looking grass to get out far enough in this field to take this picture. I actually was stomping the ground and yelling “Snakes, be gone!” as I walked forward. (The friend who told me to do this said it works… case in point, she’s never been bitten by a snake! :))

This field was absolutely covered in golden rod, and had this and two other structures on it… all looking somewhat ramshackled. I really wanted to get out to it, but honestly, the grass was too high, the ground too wet, and I was wearing slides, so I chickened out.

You can see this in better detail on my SmugMug site, as well as some other pictures from this trip. I’m adding to my “Nature” gallery every night. I hope you’ll check it out.

2 thoughts on “Outstanding in Its Field

  1. Great shot!! I’ve often wanted to stop and go take pictures like that but never have, good for you. Did you know that you can identify golden rod by rubbing it between your fingers and then it will smell like licorice? When I see the yellow in the photo I can actually smell licorice. I like how the color is in the forefront.

    (I’m glad you’re only stalking old barns and not people, much more scarier than snakes)

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