Who Would Have Thought Granite Could Be So Comfortable?

No Mas! | 28mm, f/80, 1/350sec, ISO 200

Sandee and I hiked to the top of Stone Mountain today. It is 1.3 miles to the top, and believe me, my extra 30 pounds felt every bit of it going up, and my heel spur felt it coming down. But it was a gorgeous day, and I love a challenge, so it was a good thing to do.

Sandee took this picture right after we got up the steepest part. I was feeling a bit nauseated, and my heart was beating very hard, so I had to lay down. After about three minutes, I was able to continue. Actually several people stopped to take a breather at the top of that stretch of steepness. Of course, there were two twenty-somethings who were running it. Showoffs. :)

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