The Beginning?

Kicked Back | 52mm, f/4.8, 1/90 sec, ISO 200

Yesterday, shortly after I’d dealt with Abbie’s death, I went to do my first “photo shoot” with a friend of mine and her son. She offered to postpone it because she knew I was upset about Abbie, but I knew I needed to get out and do something and also, I didn’t want to renege on a commitment.

So I met them at McDaniel Farm Park to shoot some photos for his senior year portraits. I knew this was a popular thing nowadays, but until recently, I thought having your senior portrait made was an experience like when I was a senior… the guys wore tuxes or suits, and the girls wore uncomfortable off-the-shoulder drapes. Everyone had to sit in an awkward position… feet pointing one way, shoulders turned another way, head tilted unnaturally to one side while looking at the camera and smiling “naturally.”

Now, the seniors like to have photos taken more casually, in their favorite clothes, sometimes with friends, sometimes with items from their hobbies as part of the photo. For this shoot, Brent was just casual and hanging out on the farm. He did bring his beautiful golden retriever Amber, and I got some good photos of the two of them together.

Anyway, I was really nervous about this because I’ve only shot things/people when, where, and how I wanted to. My friend (also my co-worker and FB friend) had seen several of my photos and asked if I would take photos of her son. I reluctantly agreed because I knew I needed the practice.

It ended up being just what I needed… something to get me out of the house, working with a great guy and my friend who put me at ease during this first-time endeavor, and doing what I love… taking photos. So who knows? If I can get better and find some work, I might make photo shoots a side business. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m working my way through the 256 photos that I took, picking the good ones and developing them more. I wanted to share one of my favorites. Brent is a self-described “redneck,” but I don’t see that side of him, at least not as the term is used perjoratively. However, he does love his faded, holely jeans and his old boots, so I wanted to make sure I focused on that at least once.

I loved the way the shirts, jeans, and boots contrasted so well with the white rocking chairs on the old house’s porch. All we need now is a can of Skoal. :)

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