Cagey Tiger

Mmmm, Tastes Like Chicken | 230mm, f/5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO 400

I wish I had a photo of a Tiger not in a cage, instead, this is one that I actually took earlier this year. I’d like to think this is a picture of a tiger who’s just eaten all the chickens (gamecocks) that were in the cage. :)

Well, it’s been an amazing season for the Auburn Tigers so far. Today, they have the opportunity to seal their spot in the championship game. Of course I want them to win , but regardless of what happens, it’s been fun. The whole thing with Cam and the questions, suspicions, rumors, and everything else have tainted it only a bit, because regardless of the truth about one player, the whole team has come together and made an awesome run to get to today.

One of the most unsung players at Auburn is Kodi Burns. He was the starting quarterback two years ago, and while he was a decent running quarterback, he was not a good throwing one. He took a lot of grief, and got moved to wide receiver, where he’s make a lot of key plays, including a lot of blocks that sprang other runners. He also took the snap in the play where he threw a TD pass to Cam Newton! In other words, he just wanted to play for the Tigers, and was willing to play where he was placed, without grumbling and without much fanfare. It’s that kind of player that has made this Auburn team a real TEAM. Yes, Cam’s performance has elevated Auburn to this point, but he could not be the player he is without players around him like Kodi, the “big nasties” on the O line, Zachary, Adams, and so many others who make him look good.

I’ve loved watching this team this year, playing with heart and with determination, no matter the score. There’s been no “give up” in them. My friend, Cathy, calls the yardage gained after a big hit “Tiger yards.” Every play of every game where Auburn has had to come from behind has been Tiger yards, and it’s been a joy to watch.

It might all end today, but still, it’s been a fun ride, no matter the outcome. War Eagle!!!

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