The Magic of Christmas

God Bless Us, Everyone | 50mm, f/5.6, 1/60, ISO 450

Last night, I went into downtown Duluth to see how they’d decorated the commons for Christmas. (Almost four years I’ve lived in Duluth and am just now checking it out at Christmas. For shame.) Fortunately, I was not disappointed by what I found. A huge tree along with Santa’s sleigh and his wood vines-and-lights reindeer sat near the edge of the amphitheater, overlooking the fountain area where only this summer, kids scampered in and out enjoying a respite from the oppressive heat. The lamp posts along the walk were all circled by lighted wreaths with large red bows, and the trees all had white lights in them. The stately City Hall building was also elegantly decorated in white lights, garland, and bows.

It was just a little before 6:00, and the sun had already dipped below the horizon, causing a beautiful twilight-blue light in the sky. According to my car gauge, it was 31 degrees, and a stiff wind was starting to blow, but I knew that I might not get back to this place again before the decorations were gone. So I stiffened my resolve to ignore the cold and pressed on.

I was the ONLY person around, so I was able to take several photos without getting anyone in the background. However, I didn’t linger as long as I wanted to, because it was getting so cold my hands were hurting. I didn’t wear gloves so that I could manipulate the camera controls. I’ll probably post a few of the pictures in the next several days as an homage to the season.

This picture of the lamp post decorations is one of my favorites. I thought it looked like a Christmas card, so I found a quote I like to go on it.

This quote means even more to me today as several of my friends and co-workers were let go in a layoff at work. Good people. Hard times.

Let’s all look for ways to help one another through… through layoffs, difficult economies, relationships, suffering… through life.

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