Charlie Brown Would Be Proud | 28mm, f/5.6, 30 sec, ISO 200

Now I’ve gone and done it. I’ve discovered sparkler photography. There’s no telling how many of my future photos will show up with sparklers in them… spelling out things, drawing things that look like they were done on an etch-a-sketch. Looks like I’ll be stocking up on sparklers.

This was taken last night at the lake after I’d gone down to make sure the pipes had not burst from the cold weather. Fortunately, the pipes were fine.

I stopped at one of those huge fireworks warehouses on the way down, and bought a fun pack for celebrating New Year’s, and I bought several sparklers. I used up four really long ones for these experiments (apparently, they don’t carry the small ones like I remember anymore).

It was really comedic trying to set this up. I didn’t have my remote control, so I would set the exposure for thirty seconds, and open the shutter. Then, I’d have to run back and try to get the sparkler lit while it was very windy. Even my Bic lighter kept blowing out! By time it was lit, the shutter was closed again! Arrrggghhh!!!

I finally lit the sparkler near the camera, opened the shutter, ran to the other end of the deck, and then shaped the tree. What I cropped out of this photo is a stream of sparkler light going down the left-hand side of the photo where I was running with the lit sparkler. I was also trying to make sure the hot sparks didn’t fall into the pile of leaves on the deck. I finally got this one and thought it turned out okay.

What was also a neat surprise was that the long exposure captured what little was left of what had been a gorgeous sunset of beautiful clouds colored with pink, orange, and purple. It also caught the golden glow of the lights from within the cabin. All in all, a fun shoot.

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