Grey Goose on Ice

Duck, Duck, Goose! | 35mm, f/8.0, 1/60 sec, ISO 360

Well, okay, they’re Canada geese, but then, that’s not a drink either, is it? :)

As I was headed home today, I saw these geese and ducks at the corner of a frozen pond. And upon looking closer, I realized some of them were actually standing on the ice. Not one to want to miss photographing an unusual event that I’m not likely to see again for a while, I pulled into the park.

These birds were obviously not afraid of humans, and fortunately, just stood around and let me take their pictures. I was amazed at their ability to sit and stand in the icy water as if it were nothing. I had on a turtleneck, a wool sweater, and a leather jacket, was on dry land, and I was still very cold! Makes me want to get a down comforter!

As you can see, some are sitting on the ice, some in the water, some are standing on ice on top of the water, and some are on submerged ice sheets. It was comical the way they tried to walk on the shifting sheets of ice. I wouldn’t have thought it was funny if they looked distressed, but they seemed totally comfortable with their situation.

One goose came flying in for a very slick landing, but I was unable to catch him in a photo. I wonder if he was as surprised as I was that he slid so far when he hit the ice.

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