A Day Late…

Fire in the Sky | 28mm, f/3.5, 4 sec, ISO 720

… but, hopefully, not a dollar short! I’ve been “off the grid” for a few days, so I haven’t been writing any posts. I wanted to post something on New Year’s Day, but didn’t even bother getting on the Internet to write anything.

After hearing the occasional, distant pop-pop-pop of typical fireworks, I was surprised around 9:00pm when folks across the lake starting shooting off some serious pyrotechnics! I set up my camera and tripod as quickly as possible and got off a few long exposure shots. Just as I was getting my settings about right, they stopped shooting, of course. Oh well, at least I should be ready for the 4th, now that I’ve had some practice.

New Year, new start, and I’m looking forward to 2011 in my blog world… to continuing taking photos and sharing them with my friends. I had 3,600 views in the last 5.5 months that I’ve been blogging, and that makes me feel good. So thank you, my friends, who are interested in what I have to share.

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