I Got Nuthin’

Gestalt | 40mm, f/5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 280

Other than the ice and snow, I haven’t been taking any photos, so I have nothing new to post. All of my new pics have wound up on Facebook.

So I went back to November and found this one of Piedmont Park. Apparently, it was quite the popular place during the snow. I love the expansive few of the park and the skyline of midtown.

I know I often sing the praises of my camera and lenses, but when I look at photos like this, it just amazes me what they can do. You probably won’t be able to see this even if you click to make the image larger, because this blog software severely compresses the images I post in order to minimize their size. However, when I zoom in on my original image, I can tell that the guy on the far left is shirtless and wearing blue running pants with a white stripe. The two people nearest to the middle are walking a boxer and the extend-a-leash they’re using is red. And on the top of the leftmost building is plainly the word “Loews.”

The most amazing thing about this is that I took this photo without using a tripod, so that means it stabilized my hand shake enough that it could still pick up these minute details from quite far away. Sigh. I love technology sometimes.

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