Gargoyles Just Wanna Have Fun

Gaze Into My Crystal Ball

Sunday, Sandee and I started our trial membership at a pottery studio in Decatur called Mudfire. I’d heard good things about it, and Sandee and I are both interested in pursuing more creative outlets this year, and we decided to try this for a bit and see if we like it.

I first learned how to throw pottery on the wheel when I was in college and actually learned using an old-fashioned kick wheel. I took a couple of classes after that, the most recent being six years ago. The only bad thing about the classes were that they were six-week courses, and if you missed one, you missed one… too bad! Mudfire is open throughout the week until late and on weekends, allowing for many more opportunities to visit and learn from one of their instructors.

Anywho, not only do I want to get good at throwing pots and such on the wheel, I want to get back into handbuilding as well. Several years ago, I piddled around with Sculpey… a clay that you can shape and bake in your own oven.

I made this dragon from Sculpey, painted, and varnished it in 1999, and it’s lost some of its lustre, but I think it’s held up pretty well. I like to do whimsical things like this, and I already have several ideas for what I’d like to do at Mudfire, combining the thrown pieces and handbuilt pieces…. and then, of course, take photos of them (ain’t dumping photography for pottery! :))

Everyone Has Scaled Back

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