Weekend Celebration, Pt. II

Anneaux Olympiques et les Tourterelles

After a wonderful party with friends last night (Celebration Part I), I had the option to sleep late, and I took it… always a good start to a day. I had a couple of cups of coffee, enjoyed leisurely, and a wonderful homemade cinnamon roll made by my friend, Connie, just for my birthday!

As part of my celebration weekend, Sandee and I decided to get away from our respective homes, pets, and responsibilities for the day and checked into the Hilton. Around 2:00, we rode the train into downtown, and since I’d never been on the train, this was an adventure for me… only got a little bit of motion nausea toward the end, but made it through.

We walked through the CNN center to get to Olympic Centennial Park where I wanted to take photos. We thought we might go to the World of Coke, but decided not to so that we wouldn’t get back too late. The weather was so pretty (if one was in the sunshine, if not, it was very chilly!), and it’s supposed to be even nicer tomorrow. I’m so happy this weekend is turning out so nicely weather-wise.

Finally got back to the room, settled in, and ordered room service, which was delicious! Now, I’m going through all of my photos and selecting the ones I want to post on Facebook later… probably tomorrow. The one shown here is my favorite from the park.

This photo is the sculpture honoring Pierre de Coubertin, considered to be the founder of the modern Olympic games. I thought about zooming in more on this image so you can see the detail in the doves (it’s hard to tell that two of them are carrying a laurel wreath), but I thought it was more interesting to get all of the Olympic rings and all of the doves in the picture… against the blue sky, it was just beautiful.

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