Proud “Barner”

Just Stopped by to Say "Hay"

While on my lunch hour, I drove around the area behind my office complex, on roads that I rarely use. I wanted to enjoy the sunny day and explore a bit.

I saw this old red barn sitting off in a field. I went down the road a bit, then decided to turn around and go back to take a photo. I parked in a church parking lot nearby and walked over to get a better view. I enjoyed the short walk in the sun AND got a decent picture.

Interesting that on the day I take a picture of a barn, I read the awful news about someone poisoning the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner in Auburn. The damage is done to the trees, and I hope the offender is caught and punished to the full extent of the law. What I hope going forward is that this kind of damaging prank ends here… no revenge, no retribution. It’s got to stop.

For the first time today, I heard that Nick Saban’s lake cabin had been vandalized with orange and blue paint. I had no idea, and I’m just as angry about that as about the trees. Vandalism is a cowardly, expensive, and violating crime… no matter the motive.

Instead, I’ll pay homage to the somewhat disparaging sobriquet that Alabama fans like to give us Auburn fans and wear it proudly. Heck yeah, I’m a Barner! :)

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