Happy Cows Come From Tallassee

"I'm afraid you have cows, Mr. Farnsworth."

I spent some time this weekend in Tallassee. On the way to my parents’ house, I pass a field and there are almost always cows in it… sometimes in the shade, sometimes eating.

Saturday, as Sandee and I were passing by, these beautiful Holstein heifers were gathered around their feed trough. I pulled onto the dirt road that paralleled the fence they were closest to. As soon as I got out of the car, most of them headed over the fence to see who I was (and I presume to see if I had any food), and were totally unafraid of me.

They were so pretty, just standing/laying in the field with the yellow flowers, the blue sky, and their total calm around me. I love the way the picture turned out. Hope you like it too, Sandee. :)

(BTW, the caption is from one of my favorite Far Side cartoons.)

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