Good Friday Eve

Easter's a Comin'

I probably won’t have a chance to post much this weekend, so I thought I’d get my Easter shot in early.

This Easter display is at a church near my subdivision. I went out a couple of days ago on the way home from work and took this picture from many different angles. (This flowerbed is where I shot the irises from my post a couple of days ago.)

Anyway, the purple drape on the cross is supposed to be hanging down on both sides, but as you can see, one side had gotten blown over onto the other side of the cross beam. I gingerly stepped into the large bed of flowers and attempted to pull the drape back down into position. However, it was firmly wedged down into a space between the beams… the harder I pulled, the more it got stuck. At one point, I felt like I almost pulled the cross down, so I quit trying. I was wondering if anyone from the highway saw me up there and thought I was vandalizing the display!

So this picture is the best I can do, but I still think it came out okay. Happy Easter everyone!!

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