The Aroma of a Memory

What Heaven Must Smell Like

My friend, Connie, brought in these beautiful gardenias to work recently in the hopes that I could root them and plant them at my house. The day she brought these in, I remarked how beautifully white they were, so of course, I had to take a photo. Folks at work came by all that day, drawn into our office by the aroma.

When I was still living with my parents, we did not have central air conditioning. And my means of cooling off in the summertime was having the windows open to let in┬áthe cool night air. When it was really hot, I had a box fan I’d put in one of the windows to pull the air into the room.

I spent most of my teenage years in my bedroom, listening to the radio or watching three channels on the 12″ black-and-white TV. Today, I’m sure most teens would think that sounds more like prison, but it was really just fine.

One of my favorite memories from that time is the smell of the gardenias wafting into my room from the large bush just outside my window. I would sleep crossways on the bed with my head closest to that window, just so I could smell that sweet fragrance all night long. And most nights, I could also hear whippoorwills in the distance, calling back and forth to one another. What a peaceful way to fall asleep.

I don’t know if it gets more Southern country than that… gardenias and whippoorwills. :)

Porch Accessory

It's a Cat's Life

I spent most of the morning on my back porch drinking coffee, reading a new book, and enjoying the unusually pleasant temperature.

Both of my orange boys stayed with me the entire time, one in each chair. Tigger, however, took the better photo, so he gets to represent. :)