Making a Splash

I had to wait 30 minutes after I ate before I could take this picture ;)

I know I can start to feel like I’ve lived in a one place long enough when I drive by large structures and think “I remember when that was just an open field” (or something similar) Well, this is one of those places that I can remember what was there before it was built.

It’s the Gwinnett Aquatics Center, about two miles from my house, and from what I’ve heard, a very nice facility. It’s got three large pools, indoor and out, a small water park, and swim meets from all over are held there as well.

I don’t know much about shooting at night, other than it’s usually good to use a tripod (which I didn’t… propped it on my car door) and to use a longer shutter setting (which I didn’t… only 1/4 second), but I like the way the large blue and teal windows shine at night from the interior lights. Once I opened the image, I realized I also caught some neat light bursts, even though I wasn’t using a burst filter. Sweet!

I’d prefer shooting when no cars are around it, but there always seem to be cars! It’s open until 11:00pm, and I don’t want to go back out and shoot that late, at least not when I have to be up for work the next morning! :)

What the Kale?!

Give 'em kale, Harry!

Lest you think this the same ornamental cabbage I took a photo of earlier this month, it’s not. As a matter of fact, I believe it’s kale. I looked up some of the differences between the two, and kale apparently has more frilly leaf edges, and the head is not as tightly bound… both of which apply to this plant. They’re both from the same plant family, obviously, but I think I like kale better. Photographically, the ins and outs, twists and turns give light and shadows more places to play.

Anyway, it was such a gorgeous day, I had to take a work break and get outside. I took my camera with me and walked down to the lake near our offices, but didn’t see anything interesting there. As I was walking back into the building, I was drawn toward the wonderful intricacies and textures of this plant. Something about it reminds me of a Georgia O’Keefe painting, although it’s way too detailed and not smooth enough to evoke a real O’Keefe comparison, but still, there’s just something about it that looks watercolor-ish.

(Hmmm, now I’m not so sure it’s kale. Oh well, who cares. :)

In a Fog

Babble, babble

Drove around this afternoon looking for something to take a photo of, and didn’t find anything better than the photo of this little brook in Decatur. It was very serene, complete with babbling brook and cool moss, even though it’s smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

(I promised to tell when a photo has been modified, and this one has. There really was no fog. This was added in post-processing. :)

Un Café a Paris? Non.

La fleurs et le vin

Another day of  not having too much to photograph, but I liked the look of these Gerber daisies and wine in the background. I fooled around with the look and tried to make it look a bit like a “vintage” photo. I wish the flowers were a bit sharper, but again, the light was low, and that’s what happens in that situation.

Catching Air

Wee wee weeeeeee!

For the past two days, I have been very busy, both at work and after work, so my time to search for blog-worthy photos has been severely limited (notice my last picture for proof of that!).

Even yesterday, on the way back from lunch, I took a side street I’d never been on, but only saw an old church that was remotely interesting. However, there was no good place to park and there were no good vantage points from the road.

On the way home today, I decided to stop by a local park and found some kids playing rollerblade hockey in a rink, and some on skateboards and bikes in a skate park. The sun was already behind trees, so the lighting was pretty bad, and my camera had a slow lens on, so, lesson learned… keep my best camera and a fast lens with me if I’m going to bother lugging something around!

Anyway, to avoid not posting for the third day in a row, I’m posting the best of what I got… at least as far as catching action.

The little guys playing hockey were covered from head to toe in protective gear. Not one of the guys skating or biking had any protection at all. I guess the concrete in the skate park must be softer than the concrete in the hockey rink. :)

(I just realized that the photo looks like the bike’s back wheel is resting on the far boundary of the skating area… it’s not. He was above that “hump” about 2.5 feet up.)

Aww, Sugar Sugar

"Here I am... Rock me like a candy cane"

I did not take nor post an image yesterday because I was under the weather. First time I’ve missed both, and since it was due to not feeling well, I’ll give myself a break.

Today, I was very busy at work trying to catch up on things, and I had no idea what to take a photo of. I was in a meeting for a long time in my boss’s office and noticed these candy canes. I think they’ve been there since Christmas, but today, their happy colors caught my attention.

Nothing special, but hey, I never promised a “great” photo a day! :)

Brownie/Cupcake Mutants

Cream cheese should be its own food group

Are they brownies? Are they cupcakes? Really, who cares?! I did not eat one of these delicious-looking little morsels, but they look like they would have tasted muy bueno.

I took this photo Friday during a dessert reception hosted by the new managers of our office building. I used it only because I stayed inside all day long today, and nothing in my house caught my attention. Besides, any shot that includes cream cheese is blog worthy.