Tool Time

Righty tighty, lefty loosely

I do love rust and texture in photos. :) Found this Crescent wrench hanging outside Sandee’s house. Obviously it’s seen better days and has been unused long enough for a spider to set up residence, but still looks like it would be up to any task.

When you look at it up close, it’s so simple and yet so ingenious, like most good tools are. The grooves on the turning wheel even help one’s fingers turn it easier.

What I found out is that the technical name for this tool is an adjustable spanner. It’s also known as a wrench, of course, but the “Crescent” part is a trademark name, not a descriptive part of the tool. You know you’ve made it when your company’s name becomes synonymous with the item you make… Xerox, Kleenex, and in the southern states, Coke. :)


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