I Know the Back of My Hand, Well, Like…

And in a similar vein

I’ve always thought I had pretty decent looking hands… nothing special and certainly not “pretty”… but strong, shaped okay, and with smooth skin.

Well, obviously, those days are long gone! I know for a fact that I need to drink more water than I do, but this closeup of my skin brings that fact like a sledgehammer. Additionally, I’m starting to see an increase in age spots. And before you think, “How hideous!” I encourage anyone over 30 to look REALLY closely at the skin on the back of their hands. That’s where tiny wrinkles often start to show first, and we look like we’re covered in crumpled plastic wrap eventually. Oh well, they still help me earn a living, and I like ’em. :)

This is my last macro 105mm lens shot for a while. I purchased a ring light to use with my macro lens and wanted to include some random shot with it before I switch to another theme. A ring light attaches to the end of your lens and enables a constant light aimed right at the source. This helps to allow for faster shots resulting in less shake, because the subject is well lit, even close up.

Anyway, I didn’t get a shot until late tonight and just wanted to show how awesome details can be with macro (or micro, in Nikon’s case).

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