I Hope Heaven has Beggin’ Strips

Pure Beagle, Through and Through

I took this picture about a week ago, but I wanted to remember my Maggie with a soft, sweet portrait, so I’m breaking my blog rule for her.

Many of  you know from my Facebook post today that I had Maggie put down today. She was a sweetheart of a dog… never once trying to bite or snap at any person, dog, or cat. A friend to all, always with tail a waggin’.

Like all beagles, she loved to sniff and snort her way through life, whether tracking a rodent or sniffing out the smallest crumb of cheese on the kitchen floor, it was always nose to the ground.

And eat?! Man, that little girl could pack it away! There wasn’t a dirty dish she didn’t want to lick nor a trash can she didn’t want to check for scraps. (Click the link to see proof.)

And this morning, she enjoyed her very favorite snack… a Beggin’ Strip. I hope she has all she wants now. (Thanks, Billy H. “And the snacks… oh, the snacks.”)

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