Release the Hounds!

Is this a good look for me?

This handsome fella is Sandee’s dog, Tigger. Based on his fur markings, we thing he’s part hound, part pointer, part tiger, and part ring-tailed lemur. If you could see his whole body, you’d know what I mean. :)

Anyway, I’ve decided on a way to marry my two passions… photography and animals… in a way that benefits us both. My friend, Dianne, alerted me to a story about a photographer who takes photos of pets in shelters to help them have a better chance of being adopted.

I want to do animal portraiture as a side business eventually, so a good way to practice and to help animals at the same time is to do something similar. I’d like to practice first on my friends’ pets (in the Atlanta area, and maybe in B’ham when I come to visit), so if you read this and are interested in my doing some free pet portrait sittings, let me know, and we’ll try to work something out.

You can view some of the pet portraits I’ve taken on my SmugMug account. This is a great site for enlarging the images and seeing the good details. I plan to add more as I continue to practice.

And, I just want to remember that today is the 41st anniversary of my sister Cynthia’s death. She loved animals as much as I, so announcing this venture is a good way to honor her memory as well.

2 thoughts on “Release the Hounds!

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  2. Release the Hounds — Yes, I would be interested in a pet portrait of my St. Bernard, Amos! Be in touch if you are coming to the B’ham area ~Maureen

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