Git yer motor runnin'

As I was leaving the parking lot this evening, I snapped a photo of my dream car… a Jaguar. This is such a stunning car, and the owner always keeps it looking so beautiful!

Then, as I was driving home, I was dazzled by the brilliant pinks and the way the colors were clinging to the edges of the darkening clouds in the sunset. I was frustrated that it seemed everywhere I could stop to take a photo of the sunset, there were electrical wires in the way. I finally drove to the highest point on my route home, parked my car, and just started snapping away.

I was hoping one of the photos (of the car or of the sunset) would be something I’d want to post. They both turned out okay, but I think together, they look even better. I even added some pink reflections from the sky onto the hood. I think it makes it a bit more realistic.

So behold, my first post to show a composite photo!

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