Gravity at work

I came home for lunch today and found tree cutters felling a very tall pine that was about one foot off my property line and in a very narrow space between my and my neighbor’s houses.

I know they were probably trying to direct the pieces to fall to the ground without doing much harm, but in the couple of minutes I sat watching from my window, the guy cutting (shown here with chainsaw dangling from a rope… what a dangerous job!) let a big chunk of tree fall right into my azalea bushes. As if that was not bad enough, the workers trompped right through the other azaleas to get to that piece and lug it over to the chipper.

While sitting on my deck, I saw the guy cutting this piece. As you can tell, it’s very large and heavy. I wanted to try to catch a shot as it fell, and I got this one. I’m pleased with the picture. Unfortunately, the tree landed right on my already beat-up azaleas.

I don’t like the fact that my azaleas got damaged, but I know they were working as best as they could in a tight spot, and those azaleas weren’t really “tended.” I tried to look at it as my neighbor paying to have a tree removed that could just as easily fall on my house if the wind was blowing in my direction. I did ask him to ask them to at least not step all over the bushes that were not being flattened by the falling trunk chunks! :)

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