Mirrors, Mirrors on the Walls

That's a fine piece of glass

Today, I reacquainted myself with my oldest camera, a Nikon D90. It’s a good camera, and I haven’t used it for years. I had to make an afternoon run to Krispy Kreme (excuse me, I didn’t HAVE to :), and took the camera with me, thinking I might see something I wanted to shoot. I haven’t used the D90 since I’ve sort of figured out what I’m doing photographically, so I wanted to see if it would be up to the task of some serious shots.  I figured it would since a photographer whose work I admire also uses a D90. He’s using the same kind of camera as this one, of course, proves the point that the person behind the camera, the lens, and the processing after the shoot goes a LONG way toward making great images, not so much the camera itself.

I took a route back home that I haven’t travelled in quite a while, and I saw this building that I don’t remember having seen before. The way it was reflecting the breaking storm clouds was stunning! I whipped my car into the parking lot, got close to the base of the building, and starting shooting straight up. I have a 18-135mm lens on the camera, and for a moment was wishing for my 16-36mm so I could get the entire building in the frame. Then I remembered that the reason for shooting at all was to give this camera and lens a chance to show its stuff again, so I quit being regretful. :)

I believe the mirrored glass actually has a blue tint because the sky was not this blue throughout. However, some places were also reflecting with a teal tint, so I’m not sure what the actual color/tint of the glass is. In any case, I think it’s pretty cool how no one pane was exactly like any other… at least as far as the reflections they displayed.

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