Catching Air

Wee wee weeeeeee!

For the past two days, I have been very busy, both at work and after work, so my time to search for blog-worthy photos has been severely limited (notice my last picture for proof of that!).

Even yesterday, on the way back from lunch, I took a side street I’d never been on, but only saw an old church that was remotely interesting. However, there was no good place to park and there were no good vantage points from the road.

On the way home today, I decided to stop by a local park and found some kids playing rollerblade hockey in a rink, and some on skateboards and bikes in a skate park. The sun was already behind trees, so the lighting was pretty bad, and my camera had a slow lens on, so, lesson learned… keep my best camera and a fast lens with me if I’m going to bother lugging something around!

Anyway, to avoid not posting for the third day in a row, I’m posting the best of what I got… at least as far as catching action.

The little guys playing hockey were covered from head to toe in protective gear. Not one of the guys skating or biking had any protection at all. I guess the concrete in the skate park must be softer than the concrete in the hockey rink. :)

(I just realized that the photo looks like the bike’s back wheel is resting on the far boundary of the skating area… it’s not. He was above that “hump” about 2.5 feet up.)

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