Un Café a Paris? Non.

La fleurs et le vin

Another day of  not having too much to photograph, but I liked the look of these Gerber daisies and wine in the background. I fooled around with the look and tried to make it look a bit like a “vintage” photo. I wish the flowers were a bit sharper, but again, the light was low, and that’s what happens in that situation.

3 thoughts on “Un Café a Paris? Non.

  1. i didn’t know you spoke french. i love france even though i’ve never been, just from watching the movie ratatouille. love the picture–it’s very warm and happy.

  2. Hey, the above comment is from me, Lynn, not Melissa. I set up an account for her on a blog a long time ago and used my hotmail account, and now that blog site always thinks I’m her. Which is flattering. But I didn’t want you to respond to her and she be like, I never saw Ratatouille, and then you think she was Cybill. Miss you!! Wish Susan would come in town and we could all do dinner.

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