Making a Splash

I had to wait 30 minutes after I ate before I could take this picture ;)

I know I can start to feel like I’ve lived in a one place long enough when I drive by large structures and think “I remember when that was just an open field” (or something similar) Well, this is one of those places that I can remember what was there before it was built.

It’s the Gwinnett Aquatics Center, about two miles from my house, and from what I’ve heard, a very nice facility. It’s got three large pools, indoor and out, a small water park, and swim meets from all over are held there as well.

I don’t know much about shooting at night, other than it’s usually good to use a tripod (which I didn’t… propped it on my car door) and to use a longer shutter setting (which I didn’t… only 1/4 second), but I like the way the large blue and teal windows shine at night from the interior lights. Once I opened the image, I realized I also caught some neat light bursts, even though I wasn’t using a burst filter. Sweet!

I’d prefer shooting when no cars are around it, but there always seem to be cars! It’s open until 11:00pm, and I don’t want to go back out and shoot that late, at least not when I have to be up for work the next morning! :)

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