Saturday Pic

Hay there!

I visited with my folks on Friday and Saturday, and while I was coming back from the local gas station, I ventured onto a little road that runs down beside the church I attended all of my childhood.

I remember in Sunday School, on pretty days, we would beg the teacher to let us walk down this road, to tell us our Bible story while we walked. It was a dirt road back then, and it was lined with black berries and maypops, dandelions and those dark purple berries that would stain clothes faster than you could get away from the juice! There was also an old shack right next to the edge of the road, and it absolutely fascinated us, as we all told each other it was haunted. I believe it belonged to someone named Erd. I love that name. So southern!

The road is paved now, and all the brambles and trees and even the old shack have been cleared away. What remains is this scene. Yes, it’s quaintly pastoral and I like how the photo turned out, but this is the first time that what I’m showing you in the picture, is not what I really see in my mind’s eye.

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