Please don't eat the weed

What a wonderful birthday I’m having! I haven’t really “done” anything, but that’s pretty awesome too… not HAVING to do anything… no work, no chores, sleeping late, taking a nap, watching TV shows I like on DVD, playing on the computer, getting lots of birthday wishes on Facebook, hanging out with Sandee, and so on. Perhaps I’m dull, but I’m happy. :)

The only downside to today is the cold. I haven’t wanted to venture out to take any photos, so I’m dipping into my “way back” file. I took this photo back in June of 2010. These large, white flowers were in my front yard, opening only in the evening to reveal their blooms. They seemed to flourish quite well, without any help from me. I was quite taken with their beauty.

I found out, however, that the jimson weed is quite deadly, all parts of it, so I had my yard guy dig it up to protect the curious children in the neighborhood. (Although there were times I considered serving it to them in a sandwich! :) It has also been widely used by some Native American cultures in their sacred ceremonies to induce hallucinations during spirit quests. All in all, a powerful plant. Read more about it here if you’re interested.

So, there it is, my birthday photo. I wanted to have something profoundly personal to post and say, but that’s just not the way it worked out. All I know is that I am blessed beyond measure with the love of my partner, friends and family, with health and happiness. I’m not sure if it gets any better than that.

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