No One is Forcing You

In the land of the Lilliputians

Sandee and I were going a little stir crazy after being inside trying to stay warm all weekend… especially since it “looked” so pretty and sunny outside.

So despite the cold, we went for a short walk, and of course, my camera tagged along. As we were about to cross a bridge, I thought the vanishing point of the horizontal bars looked interesting, so I stopped and took a low shot as Sandee continued to walk.

I had my aperture set to f/8, so the foreground and a lot of the background were in focus. When I opened this to look at the photo, I realize I’d captured an example of forced perspective, made even more obvious by the strong lines vanishing toward the horizon. This optical illusion of size differential is what many movie makers use when they need to have a large figure moving next to a relatively small one in the same frame.

For example, in the movie, The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf is supposed to be a very large character walking next to Frodo, a very short hobbit. In order to achieve this trick with two adults of average size, the Gandalf actor is in the foreground, closer to the camera and the Frodo actor is back behind and to the side of him. When the relative size and distance between them is correct, they both walk toward the camera, and act/talk as if they’re walking next to one another. The end result is that they look as if they’re on the same focal plane. Excellent short video here on how they did it.

In this photo, Sandee looks as if she’s about four times bigger than the trees in the distance and could just knock that little blue car right of the road with a flick of her fingers. :)

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