Stair Down Contest

Welcome, Mr. Escher

I went for a walk this afternoon at work, and on my way down the stairs, I thought “I wonder what it would look like if I shot straight down this stairwell.” So I held my camera out as far as I could, lens pointed down. I shot and twisted, shot and twisted, and so on.

I really liked the way the repetition of the bars, the stairs, and the shadows all created a bit of an optical illusion. I was there, and even I have a hard time seeing which level each flight was on.

And by the way, our building is only a little over four years old. Apparently, they left the workers’ gunk on the concrete steps, because they’ve looked this way since the building was new. :)

So, photo tip #2:
Don’t be afraid to move the camera away from your eye to gain a new point of view.

Your arms can extend your camera out of windows, over ledges, into holes, low to the ground, and whatever else you can think of to give yourself a new perspective. Like I’ve said before, digital is cheap. Shoot, shoot, shoot, and delete what you don’t want to use. I probably shot 15 different angles, but I liked this one the best.

As you can see below in the original, unedited image, my feet were in the frame. Because I wanted the viewer to have no point of reference, but rather, feel like the stairs could be going in any direction, I cropped my feet out.

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