Sexy Curves

Orange you glad they make colors like this?

I actually took this photo yesterday, but since today’s rainy, yucky day didn’t lend itself to shooting, I thought I’d use it.

There’s really no tip that goes along with this one, but I do want to show what one can do with an ordinary photo (see below) when it’s shot in RAW format and then make it jump through a few hoops.

What I don’t like: There was a large truck parked right next to the motorcycle, and its shadow was casting across part of the front wheel, which was my favorite part. It not only cast shadows, it kept me from positioning myself where I wanted to in relation to the bike. There was also a large tree right in the middle behind it, so I took that out too. It was too distracting.

What I do like: LOVE the color, the elegant lines, and the shine of the ultra-polished chrome.

What I wanted to accomplish: I thought of getting some closeups, and I did, but the bike shows more of its beauty (I think) when you see the whole. The pieces were nice, but the whole was “wow!” so I got the entire bike in frame. Its low-slung style made me think of the 60s too, so I gave it a sort of Polaroid feel with the colors.

Cropped it on a tilt, blurred some of the background to make the bike pop a bit more, and that’s it.

Original, unedited photo below:

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