Basket o’ Flavor

Photo link from SmugMug was broken. Click here to see original photo.

On the way out of J. Christopher’s today, I saw this basket full of salt, pepper, and sweeteners. It caught my eye for some reason, and I walked out, only to walk back in and snap this photo. I’m glad I did, because it’s my favorite of the few I took today. I’m starting to trust my instincts more about what to shoot, taking any photo that catches my eye. Which leads to my photo tip of the day:

Don’t worry about what people think!

I’ll admit, when I went back into the foyer of the restaurant and took this photo, it went through my head “I wonder what people are thinking about my kneeling down and taking a photo of salt and pepper shakers?!”

But you know what? I’m learning not to care what anyone might think (and frankly, most people probably don’t even notice). As long as I’m not intruding on anyone else’s comfort or privacy nor doing something illegal, there’s nothing wrong with taking a photo of whatever grabs my interest.

Some of my favorite photos have come from those times when I just got the shot… not letting that brief moment of self-consciousness stop me. Not that this is one of my favorite photos, but it does make me feel good when I look at it, because I know I captured the moment that made me pause and think “I like the way that looks.” I encourage you to do the same.

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