A Capital Idea!


During my weekend saunter around downtown Decatur, I snapped this photo of the DeKalb County Courthouse. The building as it exists today was built in 1918. It’s not really all that big, as courthouses go, but I venture to say many are not as stately either.

As you might have noticed, I’m fascinated by architecture…. even briefly considered studying to be an architect. I’m absolutely amazed that a building and all of its structural elements, from electrical to plumbing to weight-bearing walls, have to be entirely envisioned by someone(s) and put into plans before the ground is even broken… figuratively, if not literally. That just astounds me, as I had to re-configure three times a 4′ x 4 x 4” compost bin I built before I finally got it the way I wanted it. :)

As I examined the photo, I realized that it’s every bit as ornate as the Hindu temple that I posted recently. I’m including a link here if you want to see the intricate details of the courthouse on my SmugMug site.(Not sure why there’s a pink tint to the granite. I don’t remember if it actually had a pink tint, or if that’s a trick of the shadows, because, as you can see, the non-shadow parts are whiter.)

Another reason I like this shot is that it reminds me of the courthouse in Back to the Future. :)

(And for those who don’t know, the columns are an example of Greek Corinthian columns, and the decorative part on the top of the column is called the capital… hence, my title :)

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