"What 'er you lookin' at?!"

Spent a bittersweet weekend in Tallassee. I enjoyed lunch with some friends that I’ve known since elementary school, and had such a great time, laughing and reminiscing. It’s amazing how none of us have aged at all!! :)

On a sad note, my aunt, my dad’s sister, died early Saturday morning. I was hoping to get home in time to visit her, but didn’t make it. She was a wonderful lady (as are all of my aunts), and will be greatly missed by her friends and family.

This cow has nothing to do with either of those events. I was just on my way to my parents’ house from the gathering with friends, and I saw these cows enjoying a beautiful day in the field. This one was the only one who gave me a second look as I walked up to the fence to take the picture. Not the smartest looking cow I’ve ever seen, but then again, I suppose they don’t need to be. (And by the way, the dots near the ear are flies, not bad spots on the image. :)

View a larger, more detailed image here.

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