Serenity… NOW!

This post’s photo got messed up and broken from the SmugMug link. Click here if you want to see it.

Some of you will remember the title phrase from Seinfeld. Always cracked me up. In the case of today and walking around the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, it was appropriate. :)

I’ll post a whole slew of photos later, but for now, here’s one that just captured the peacefulness of the day… the sound of the water gurgling, the beautiful colors and textures surrounding us, and the shadiness that kept the whole park a comfortable temperature, even in this unseasonable heat.

Sandee is a wonderful travelling companion, being willing to stop every few seconds so I could take a photo of this or that. Of course, checking her March Madness brackets every two minutes on her iphone kept her happy too. :)

Besides being able to enjoy the gardens, they were giving away free ice cream in the orchid gardens. Sweet!! What a great day!

I had an old lens, so I didn’t capture the details I wanted, and there is a good bit of distortion in the edges, but that’s okay. Since I bought a year’s pass, I comfort myself that I will be back soon with a better lens. :)

You can see a more detailed photo here.

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