Night, Night

Here’s an attempt at night photography. I’m still learning a lot about it, because there are so many settings to consider, and it’s sometimes very hard to capture the image I want if even one of those settings is off. However, this one came out pretty good, I think.

This was taken Tuesday night after our company party as I was headed home. It was around 9:30, and I was fortunate enough to have my tripod with me. I pulled over and walked to an area where the ambient light from the streetlights was negligible. In this darkness, I could not see well enough how to get down to the area past the pine trees, so obviously, they show up in the foreground. (I will take some chances to get a good photo, but risking a fall down onto large rocks into water where no one can see me is not one of them. :)

I set up the tripod and started shooting at different shutter speeds. This one, which was the best of the bunch, was a 30-second exposure. It captured a lot of detail and yet did not blow out the lights on the docks.

While I almost always offer a chance to see the detail of my photos, I really encourage you to look at the enlargement of this one. If you do look at it, make sure you look at the top of the photo,  you will see the tiny star trails caused by the earth’s rotation. It’s amazing what detail you can pick up at night!

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