Cutie Pies

I took this photo last weekend at the botanical gardens. A woman was trying to take photos of her two little girls (and a little boy in a stroller who I presume was her son), and they kept looking in every direction but hers. She was behind them in this photo, begging them to look at her, and they were totally engrossed in two ladies sitting on a bench near me instead.

I started snapping away, because they looked so cute in their pastel dresses, standing next to the tulips. Soon after, they were totally DONE with the photo shoot and ran off, but I had managed to get some good pics of them… at least from a better angle than their mom had! :)

I got her email and told her I’d send the pictures I took if they came out okay. At least this one did. :)

For more detail, visit my SmugMug account.

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