How ‘Bout Them Whiskas?

TiggerWhen I haven’t taken any pictures, and I look back through recent images to find something to post, I can usually find at least one of my beautiful cats that is post-worthy.

I have one photographer friend who takes photos of her two beautiful little girls all the time, and another friend who takes photos of her boxer dogs almost every day. I’m sure we all yearn for different subjects to shoot at times, but it’s nice to know that the things we care the most about are always there for us to capture, tolerant and willing to sit still for our amusement. :)

This is Tigger, one of my marmalade kittles. His personality is very different from his brother, Milo, the one I most often photograph. Milo is not at all wary of looking directly into the camera and staring unflinchingly as I snap away. Tigger, on the other hand, is far more reticent… not only about having his picture taken, but about people in general. He loves me, and will eventually tolerate others, but he’s just as likely to hide under the bed as he is to make an appearance when a visitor is in the house.

So while this photo is “nothing special,” the fact that he looked at the camera long enough for me to snap this picture is special to me.

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