Of Course, Of Course

Last week, I attended my company’s national users group conference at Lake Lanier Islands Resort. I was involved in the planning, set up, and even taught one of the classes, but my favorite part was being one of the photographers.

During the three days, I was to shoot many events, but since several of the leisure activities were going on at one time, I was assigned specifically to cover the horseback riding. The riders were led along a path that meandered up and down small hills and around the edge of the lake. From what I saw, the horses seemed well-behaved and the riders seemed to have a good time.

I’ve never been around horses that much, but they seem such beautiful and noble creatures. I took over 150 pictures and several that were “smile and say cheese” kinds of shots for the benefit of our customers who will want to see themselves on our web site gallery later on. This is one of those shots, but I cropped the women’s identity out since I don’t have permission to identify her anywhere but in our marketing material.

I do like how well the color came out, the lake in the background, and the creamy fawn of the horse.

If I thought a horse would stay in first gear the whole time I was on it, I might be tempted to ride. :)

Want to see more details? Click here.

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